Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This Battle Is Not Yours, but God's!

Yesterday I was feeling kind of down. So I made sure I was using what I learned in my group therapy sessions. I went to You Tube and found some music from Joel Osteens church. It's about an hour long and I let it play while I fell asleep.

One thing I need to remember is to keep my focus on Jesus. Jesus is bigger than any of our problems and He has anwers that we might not be able to find. Take time to listen to the music I post on my blog. They should help you forget the things that stress you out and cause depression or anxiety. I found another song that I thought would be helpful too called, "The Battle Is Not Yours." I can't always fight my battles in my own strength even though I would like to sometimes. It's time for me to hand over my battles to Jesus. In Him I can have perfect peace!

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